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Quest Green


Advocating for Marriages since 2011

Quest Green understands marriage! His previous divorce makes him a perfect advocate for marriages. His story of past failures and realization of the absence of core values resonates with people who are experiencing the challenges that marriage can present when not properly equipped. Not only did Quest overcome his difficult past, he has since been remarried and is currently the Director of Thank God I'm Married at Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC. He currently lives happily in North Carolina with his wife Faith, their daughter and two sons,  Zoey,  Dominic(Nico) and Mason.

During the Thank God I'm Married Conferences facilitated by Eric Thomas and Associates, as well as church workshops and seminars that Quest conducts, he is very transparent about his past failures as it relates to marriage and his rise to marital success. His testimony proves that you can have the marriage you desire and deserve IF you are willing to eliminate the damaging attributes of selfishness and make the necessary and sometimes hard adjustments to achieve marital success. 




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The divorce rate is increasing at an alarming rate, and although the symptoms vary the root causes are usually the same. With the constant mindset of divorce being an option, and the lack of tools necessary to endure the storms of marital challenges, the divorce rate continues to climb, but so does the need for marital coaching. That’s where we come in.


In the beginning stages of moving from courting to marriage, its unfortunate that so much more time is spent on the actual wedding planning than getting to know each other better and planning for the life to come.  Quest strives to properly equip couples to deal with "everyday life" and the challenges associated. Through personality tests and taking a journey through everything from expectations, conflicts and sexuality to communication, religious beliefs and "the unexpected" you can focus more on being prepared and creating the marriage of a lifetime.


The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges associated with wholesome yet relevant content. To combat these challenges we provide a online community and family of support and accountability through Breathe University as well as marriage videos, audio books, vlogs and podcasts - challenges we stay ahead of.


Marriage is a living thing that must be fed and maintained and if it isn’t, it will die...
— Quest Green


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