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Quest Green understands marriage! His previous divorce makes him a perfect advocate for marriages. His story of past failures and realization of the absence of core values resonates with people who are experiencing the challenges that marriage can present when not properly equipped. Not only did Quest overcome his difficult past, he has since remarried and is currently the Director of Thank God I'm Married at Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC. He currently lives happily in North Carolina with his wife Faith, their daughter and two sons, Zoey, Dominic (Nico) and Mason.

During the Thank God I'm Married Conferences facilitated by Eric Thomas and Associates, as well as church workshops and seminars that Quest conducts, he is very transparent about his past failures as it relates to marriage and his rise to marital success. His testimony proves that you can have the marriage you desire and deserve IF you are willing to eliminate the damaging attributes of selfishness and make the necessary and sometimes hard adjustments to achieve marital success.




Simply put, your marriage deserves to win!  However, 53% of married couples choose divorce over working it out because they were not properly equipped to handle the difficult and challenging moments of marriage. Quest was one of them. Quest is a firm believer in what he calls “creating IMPACT.”  How do you do that? By finding understanding and meaning not only in what your partner is saying, but who they are as a person.  



Are you trying to keep the spark alive?  Maintenance is strongly recommended to maintain a healthy, balanced and loving relationship.


Quest coaches individuals and couples who are facing a challenging season in their marriage and may be on the verge of divorce.


Premarital coaching is crucial and designed to give you a solid foundation from which to build a happy, healthy and intimate life-long relationship.


Quest’s unique coaching skills helps his clients tap into their full potential so that they may achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives.


Quest can help your organization increase sales, boost productivity, enhance morale and increase turnover.



Clarify your Purpose

Achieve clarity in your purpose as a husband or a wife through self-assessment, correcting past destructive thinking that leads to destructive behavior and ultimately making adjustments that lead to the passion, commitment and love your marriage deserves.

Transform Your Family

Experience life changing breakthroughs that allow you to become one with your spouse in a way that strengthens your, relationship, your family and your legacy.

Accomplish Marital Goals

From shaky to good, from good to great, ultimately what we want is a phenomenal marriage but phenomenal marriages don’t just happen, it takes work specifically by committing to the process it takes to achieve the intimate, fulfilling and satisfying marriage that you deserve.

Modern life can be challenging for any and everyone who has a schedule to keep. Especially for couples with children. With Tae Kwon Do, Basketball Practice, Soccer and Ballet who has the time for another meeting? NO office to meet in, no baby-sitters, no traffic to deal with. All of our coaching sessions are done with you via Web-conferencing in the comfort and privacy of your own home, keeping YOU in mind. Yeah, we got you!

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“Taking the critical step to attend Pre-Marital counseling with Quest is by far, one of the best decisions we made for our relationship and our marriage. He taught us tools on how to properly navigate through challenges such as setting boundaries with family and friends, finances, intimacy, communication, our relationship roles, needs, and expectations, and much more. Quest taught us the importance of our new family unit, while maintaining our faith in God, and one another, and how to be a positive example of a healthy couple for those around us. During this process, we shared many laughs, tears, hopes, and fears, and with Quest’s guidance and expertise, discovered healthy ways to support each other through them all. Thanks to Quest, our first year of marriage was an absolute breeze, as we continue to support and love one another using the tools Quest equipped us with during the premarital process. Quest, we can’t thank you enough for providing us with a strong and solid foundation upon which we can now build our happily ever after.”


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Quest is constantly in pursuit of new ways to add value to marriages. In addition to a documentary, released in late 2017, co-directed by Tim Morris, he co-hosts a cutting edge podcast alongside L. David Harris designed to provide practical and relevant information and tools to move marriages through the spectrum from shaky to good, good to great but ultimately to phenomenal and maintenance practices to keep them there.

The Marriage Ain't for SuckaZ Podcast is available at www.marriageaintforsuckaz.com. The podcast is also available on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, and Tune In platforms.

Marriage Aint for Suckaz Podcast

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