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Marriages Succeed & Win!


Quest is currently the Director of THANK GOD I'M MARRIED; a division of Eric Thomas & Associates - One of the leading companies in motivation, inspiration and self-development.  He is also the co-host alongside L. David Harris, of the 'Marriage Ain't for SuckaZ' podcast. A podcast developed in a movement to support couples in their marital success. Whether recording a weekly podcast, conducting a Thank God I'm Married conference, a church seminar, or creating new marriage content, Quest has the ability to reach husbands and wives and give them hope and courage to make the necessary adjustments that allows both spouses to achieve the love they deserve and desire. After suffering a divorce in 2005, Quest knows all about the importance of core values and the role they play in choosing the "right spouse."  He went from experiencing the effects of an unpleasant divorce to being remarried in 2011 and building a family with his wife Faith, their daughter Zoey (from his previous marriage), and their sons, Dominic (Nico) and Mason.

Quest's personal pursuit of being a better husband and father has led him to achieving his bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, where he, his wife and family happily reside. He is currently moving towards his Master’s degree in Family and Marriage Counseling. Most importantly Quest wants spouses to know that no matter where you are in the spectrum, shaky to good, good to great, ultimately, we want to have Phenomenal Marriages but, Phenomenal Marriages don't just happen... it takes work! And if he can do it, SO CAN YOU!


Faith Green has had her own past experiences in unhealthy relationships, and prior to marrying Quest was in a long-term relationship and was engaged to be married.  Ultimately, she ended the engagement knowing that the relationship lacked the necessary attributes, such as specific core values, faith and spirituality in order to sustain the marriage she was looking for.  Faith witnessed her mother and many other family members experience divorce and the effects and aftermath it left on those she loved. Therefore, making her decision on who she married a serious one. Since marrying Quest in 2011, Faith has maintained a healthy marriage, including the dynamics of a blended family using specific tools which has transformed their marriage into a union that is winning!  Being a wife and a mother has been Faith’s greatest joy and accomplishment and has made supporting Quest’s passion for marriage and families her passion as well!

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