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Taking marriages to phenomenal because ordinary just won't do...


A Word from our Clients...

With Quest, I was able to state the problem, he immediately got to the root - but also gave the solution. I saw a turn around so quickly I was really wondering if Quest had the magic sauce. Kidding but not really. He knows what he’s doing.
— ATTORNEY, Andrea Harvey of Harvey Law Office, Chicago, IL
As an entrepreneur, husband and a new father of two, I am presented with challenges and obstacles regularly. Quest has been a Godsend and an amazing resource for prayer, guidance, and counsel as I grow to be a Preacher, Provider and Protector for my family.
— Brandon Middleton, CEO - Smartmarketers.com, Tampa, Fl

We are so grateful and thankful for the Godly wisdom and counsel that we received from Quest. To be clear, our confidence was gained through the rigorous process of research and discovery. He impressed upon us to deal with differences in our values, personalities, and habits because lesser issues have posed problems for countless marriages. There was not a question we could not bring to Quest that he couldn’t help us with. And, while Quest helped us to be very loose and comfortable, he was very competent and knowledgeable. It is our belief that many marriages will successfully develop, or be restored, through Quest’s work.
— Vaughn and Nicol Emeade, Pastor\Professional Development Specialist and IT Project Manager, Capitol Heights,MD

Making the decision to work with Quest and his 12 step program to prepare for marriage is the best investment we have made for the health of our relationship thus far. His passion and dedication to make sure we are on one accord in all aspects of our journey has left us with more than what we could have expected. Not only have we gained more knowledge of what a healthy marriage needs to stay alive and grow, but we have gained a life long friend. Thank you for helping us prepare for the next chapter in our lives.
— Keila Olivencia & Jorge Sierra, Master Barbers, Boston, MA

I joined BU specifically for the marriage portion. My husband, at that time, was not sold on the idea, until he heard Quest speak. Quest’s vast knowledge in the Word (Bible), experience and realness with regards to marriage was second to none. We felt confident in his message and counseling methods and the platform to which we received the information. Our marriage is being fed and nurtured and we are rebuilding our foundation. Had Quest not been introduced in the sole purpose of assisting us to strengthen our marriage, I honestly don’t know where we would be as a couple today
— Reggie and Jacqueline Pugh