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      This weekend must have been the weekend of sermons, I promise you! A good number of my brothers including myself were speaking in different places around the country. My brothers Jeremy Anderson and Dr. Ty Douglas were ministering in Missouri at the SALT CITY Back to School event. My brother Dr. Eric Thomas was preaching a powerful sermon on the DISC assessment in Lansing, MI at A Place of Change(A.P.O.C) Ministries, and I was speaking in Pageland, SC on the topic "Selling Your Blessing for a Bowl of Stew."  However, a special shout out goes to my brother Mason West who was preaching in Atlanta, GA this weekend, who's sermon is the basis for today's blog entry. He spoke on the topic, "Your Kung Fu is weak." 

      I will try to keep it short but this sermon was absolutely dynamic! He basically spoke on the art of Kung Fu, its origins and how it is executed. He began by speaking about the old kung fu movies that we watched as kids - for those of us that are kung fu fans. He spoke about the fact that when two kung fu practitioners got together to fight that it was so much more than just a fight. They were representing the region from which they came. There was northern style kung fu and there was southern style kung fu, but not only was it about the region that you came from you were also representing your teacher or as kung fu practitioners would say, your "master." So as the fight began you would announce your name, your style of kung fu and your teacher or school of practice. However, it was not only about the previously listed things it was also about "the philosophy that was at the foundation of your style."  In other words, it was about how much you knew as a practitioner. 


      As informed by my brother Mason, Kung Fu is defined as "Time and Energy." SO during some of the most famous, on screen kung fu fights, you would hear the famous phrase "my kung fu is strong" or "your kung fu is weak", indicative of the fact that respectively you have invested enormous amounts of "time and energy" in your discipline OR you have not. However because the definition of kung fu is "time and energy", it is not only relative to a fight. As stated earlier it was very much about how much you knew but it was also about how much "time and energy" you put in. As we all know information applied changes situations and in our society, we place a high value on what we know and not enough on the "time and energy" we put in. So according to the definition and for kung fu practitioners "kung fu" - time and energy - was a way of life as much as it was a fighting style. In other words, you practice kung fu when you are practicing medicine. You practice kung fu when you are cooking. You practice kung fu when you are practicing law. You are practicing kung fu when you are a husband or a wife. What I have realized the most is that kung fu is an investment!

      Some of us are only Husbands or Wives based upon the name and what we know. But how many of us have actually invested "time and energy" in our marriages whether it be serving, speaking his or her love language, reading a book on marriage, going to a conference, communicating, etc? And to the point where we can be considered a MASTER? What I have noticed about the kung fu greats is that they were great because of the time and energy they put in, and the end result was that they were classified as great. Are you GREAT in your marriage? If not then chances are your "kung fu is weak." 

      Trust me don't worry if you're not great! I was at one point, "not great."  The good thing is there is room for growth, and to be honest as it relates to marriage we are all still learning and growing; just on different levels. So, if you want to be classified as a great - or even a phenomenal - husband or wife then now might be a perfect time to not only practice your kung fu but make it a way of life!


Be Blessed,


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