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Marriage Community


Quest Green created the Greenhouse marriage community to provide an inspiring, informative bird's eye view of the marriage experience to lend an experienced and supportive hand to married couples and those contemplating marriage. Based on the Greenhouse foundational principles of healthy sustained, and concerted growth in love, lifestyle, and legacy, members are paired with groups of like-minded, married, or contemplative couples who convene bi-weekly for candid discussions on both their marital successes and failures. This unguarded exchange allows for the growth they require to move forward happily and healthily.


The Greenhouse marriage community provides a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere conducive to fostering the vulnerability and honesty needed for a healthy marriage's continued growth. The Greenhouse marriage community environment is purposefully very frank, light, and lovingly supportive.  Healthy, happy marriages with incredible longevity are our goal. If you're interested in adding any of those elements to your marriage or are preparing to marry and want to see what married life is genuinely like long after the honeymoon, my friends, welcome home.


Welcome to the Greenhouse Marriage Community



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